About LMII

In response to the success and impact that lean institutes led by Jim Womack (USA), Dan Jones (UK) and Jose Ferro (Brazil) had over the past decade, a community of lean thinkers and a network of organizations began to form around the globe. This network was formally chartered in September 2007 as “Lean Global Network” whose affiliates are spread over 17 countries including Lean Management Institute of India (LMII). All these affiliates are “Not for Profit Organizations”.

LMII believes lean thinking and practices can:

  • Improve the performance of organizations and raise living standards.
  • Meet growing aspirations while minimizing resource use and environmental impact.
  • Providing more fulfilling work and continuing development for everyone.
  • Enable consumers to create more value in their increasingly busy life.

Our definition of “lean Thinking and Practices” is: To systematically develop people and continuously improve processes to provide value and prosperity while consuming fewest possible resources.

Publication and Learning Materials consists of publications on various Lean concepts and applications. LMII is credited with publication of excellent lean literatures in India: Learning to See, Creating Continuous Flow, Managing to Learn: Using the A3 management process, Everything I Know about Lean I Learned in First Grade, the Gold Mine, the Lean Lexicon and Lean Product & Process Development. Many more books are in pipe line for publication.

Action Research, Industry Partnerships and Project Mentoring involve working with organizations to facilitate in-company experiential learning. These works with the principle of GEMBA (Go See, Ask why? Involve people who add value). Actively mentored projects generate new knowledge and global best practices; it is here that LMII work on-site to help coach and guide organizational transformation in real time. And finally, the people. LMII is led by Dhirendra Kumar Dubey, a leading lean thinker and mentor in India, who himself is proud to be mentored by the pioneers in lean thinking around the globe.

Lean Focus


Engagement Principle of Lean Management Institute of India


Value of what we do along with organizations is defined by what happens after we go away.

  • We define, together with organization, the current condition and the target condition.
  • We provide support, as little as possible, but as much as necessary to achieve the target condition.
  • Simultaneously we build people capabilities who continue this journey of lean forever, wherever they are working.

The Lean Transformation Model