Lean Implementer Workshop

About Lean Management Institute of India & Lean Global Network:

In response to the success and impact of “Lean Enterprise Institutes” by James P. Womack, a community of lean thinkers and a network of organizations have evolved around the globe. This was formally chartered in September 2007 as “Lean Global Network” spread over 17 countries. “Lean Management Institute of India”, an institute of the Lean Global Network, is “promoting lean thinking across India”, through:

  1. Sharing
    1. Summits
    2. Public Speaking
    3. Publications
  2. Educating
    1. Company Coaching
    2. In-Company Workshops
    3. Public Workshops
  3. Learning
    1. Company Co-Learning Projects
    2. Formal Research
    3. Creating original lean contents


Lean Implementer Workshop
(3 Days Workshop)
15 to 17 Jun ’1720 to 22 Mar ’1724 to 26 Jul ’1720 to 22 Feb ’1719 to 21 Jul ’17
06 to 08 Jul ’1723 to 25 Aug ’1718 to 20 May ’1709 to 11 Nov ’17
12 to 14 Sep ’1705 to 07 Oct ’1716 to 18 Aug ’17
08 to 10 Feb ’1818 to 20 Jan ’1818 to 20 Dec ’17
15 to 17 Mar ’18

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Who Should Attend?

Managers, engineers, executives, staffs, consultants and certification body members interested to improve their knowledge on lean management and use this knowledge to bring changes in their working at thinking, activity, process and system levels. People working in service, process and manufacturing environment. Supplier development professionals who wish to enhance their supply chain capability to make it more flexible and responsive to their customer requirements.

Which Program to Attend?

Lean Implementer Workshop is for the people who wish to make a beginning of their lean journey and acquire basic understanding and knowledge of lean thinking and lean tools and techniques to begin with and implement it in and around them.

Lean Leadership Workshop

Become a paid member of lean management institute of India to benefit from discounts in Summit and workshop by paying a nominal fee of RS 1000/-. Please do request for the membership registration form from our single point of contact.

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Single Point of Contact:

+91 80 25431525

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23 to 25 Aug'17
05 to 07 Oct ’17
18 to 20 Jan ’18
15 to 17 Mar ’18
12 to 14 Sep ’17
08 to 10 Feb ’18
16 to 18 Aug ’17
18 to 20 Dec ’17
09 to 11 Nov ’17