Lean Round Table

About Lean Management Institute of India & Lean Global Network:

In response to the success and impact of “Lean Enterprise Institutes” by James P. Womack, a community of lean thinkers and a network of organizations have evolved around the globe. This was formally chartered in September 2007 as “Lean Global Network” spread over 17 countries. “Lean Management Institute of India”, an institute of the Lean Global Network, is “promoting lean thinking across India”, through:

  1. Sharing
    1. Summits
    2. Public Speaking
    3. Publications
  2. Educating
    1. Company Coaching
    2. In-Company Workshops
    3. Public Workshops
  3. Learning
    1. Company Co-Learning Projects
    2. Formal Research
    3. Creating original lean contents

About Lean Round Table:

The Lean Round table is being promoted and developed as a sharing platform for the lean thinkers and practitioners. People with “Passion for Lean Transformation” are invited to become members of the Lean Round Table. Currently a chapter is active in Chennai and you may activate a chapter in your city. It is open for working professionals, CEOs, Academicians, Students, Self-employed and entrepreneurs in any fields. Members meet at a predetermined date and time at a common place with following agenda.

  1. Expert speak on selected topic on Lean.
  2. Case presentations by individuals representing their organisation
  3. Book Reviews on Lean

Benefits to the Members:

  1. Self-fulfillment by guiding fellow lean professionals
  2. Opportunity to share your work and learn from others
  3. Meet experts, academicians and entrepreneurs
  4. Opportunity for Industry-Institution interactions
  5. Update with latest concepts
  6. Change agent for society at large by promoting Lean thinking