The Process to disseminate knowledge, build a lean community and develop Lean Leaders is done through:

Educational and training events consist of public and in-company workshops on Lean Transformation and various related subjects.

Conference and summits help increase awareness, provide national and international networking opportunities and share new learning and success stories. This also provides the real opportunity to listen to an interact with Lean Sensei like Jim Womack, Dan Jones and Jose Ferro who are dedicated to develop the Lean thought process.

Publication and learning materials consists of publications on various Lean concepts and applications. LMII is credited with publication of five excellent lean literatures in India: Learning to See, Creating Continuous Flow, the Gold Mine, the Lean Lexicon, Lean Product & Process Development. Many other good literatures are in the pipeline for publications.

Action research, industry partnerships and project mentoring involves LMII working with organizations to facilitate in-company experiential learning. These works with the principle of GEMBA (Go See, Ask why? Show respect). The actively mentored projects generate new knowledge and global best practices; it is here that LMII work on-site to help coach and guide organizational transformation in real time.